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Are You Kidding? You're Not Thinking About Retirement Yet?

"Retirement" is about having the freedom to control your own life when you get older. It's a time in your life when you shouldn't have to depend on a job to live your life.

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Young People and Taxes!

Regardless of what job or career you may have during your life and what country you may live in—the U.S. or abroad—you're going to be paying taxes. In most situations, you may already be paying taxes.

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Choosing a Major? Questions to Consider

Throughout life we face choices. But generally, the stakes are higher for the choices you make during and after college. After choosing what college to attend or planning how you'll pay for it, selecting your college major may be the biggest decision you must make.

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Apple Pay/Android Pay: Mobile Payments on the Rise

First there was Google Wallet. Then came Apple Pay. Now Google is changing its Wallet to become Android Pay. Using some form of mobile payments is becoming more and more popular. And if you're not already, before you know it you will be using your phone to pay for stuff. With the iPhone and Android phones controlling over 90% of the market, experts anticipate it won't be long before most people will be using a mobile payment service.

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Charitable Giving

Did you know that helping other people is actually good for you? Charitable people are usually happier than uncharitable people, and that's a scientific fact.* Helping others is linked to...

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Being Young; Being Bankrupt!

Are you ever in trouble with money? Ever have the feeling you can't get out of it? Well, you're not alone. Young people born between 1980 and 2000 (Millennials) are more likely to experience financial problems more often than any other age group.

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Peer Pressure? Choose Yourself!

We often associate peer pressure with grade school and being a teenager. However, as we get older peer pressure doesn't go away. It evolves, often becoming more subtle and costly.

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What Is Renters Insurance and Should I Get It?

Life is filled with risks. You might fall off your skateboard and break an arm. Or, maybe you crash your car into a wall and it is no longer drivable. The idea of insurance (and/or insurance policies) is to lower, or take away, the risk of financial loss.

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Spotting Money-Flipping Scams on Social Networks!

As if the lack of privacy on social networks isn't bad enough, there is something else that may be worse. You could lose a lot of money if you are caught in a "money-flipping" scam. How, you ask? And what is a money-flipping scam?

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The Ring

The bling... The universally approved signal that he "liked it " so he "put a ring on it".

The most frequently asked question after announcing my engagement was, "Let me see the ring".

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What's the Gimmick at Rent-to-Own Stores?

Have you ever seen a Rent-to-Own ad or commercial? If you haven't, here's an example: "No Credit Check! Rent-to-Own a 50-inch TV for $10 a Week!" How can you go wrong with that? Just make low monthly rental payments and you can end up owning that mega screen TV, right? Most of these stores even let you bring the item back at any time if you decide you don't want it.

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Protect Yourself From These Scams

Remember scam emails? They would offer you a big commission if you let a total stranger in a foreign country deposit ten million dollars in your bank account for a few weeks! Or, they told you that you won the lottery and they'd like to deposit a big check into your account, and all you have to do is wire back the taxes!

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From Guacamole to Gas: Really Useful Websites

I often browse financial and consumer-related websites and have found that by clicking through these websites (and the additional info links that they offer), one comes across a lot of useful and/or fun websites. (A lot of silly/useless/ridiculous ones, too, but let's not waste time on those!)

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Time Travel: How About Retiring?

Wait a minute... You're young! Why should you think about retirement already? Well, wouldn't you—at some point—like to be finished with work or school and do what you want, when you want, and have the money to do it?!

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How to Keep That Vacation Feeling Forever!

Yes! Finally! After months of deadlines and a long list of tasks, stress and maybe even some sleepless nights, your vacation finally starts and you're FREE! You have activated your automatic Out Of Office reply and, during your vacation, you are going to do absolutely nothing work- or school-related, and focus on renewing yourself with loads of positive energy.

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How to Train Your Brain and Get Things Done

Let's start with a little bit of fantasy: imagine that your brain is a big company. We'll call it the McBrain Company. McBrain workers come in all types and do their individual best to fulfil their different tasks. As the proud president of this tremendous company, you are responsible for everything concerning your employees, especially their well-being. It's a huge responsibility, but you do it every day!

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I Know How to Make a Decision! Or Do I?

Imagine this: Within the next six months, you will have to choose which college you'll attend and what exactly you want to study. Yikes!

As a kid, you dreamed about becoming a veterinarian or about gallivanting around the globe. But that was then.

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The Feel Good Factor of Saving Money!

You've heard all the doom and gloom reasons for saving money, such as: You should save for rainy days. You should save for emergencies. If you don't save, you're going to be in bigger trouble than I can cover in this article.

But, what about the fun part of saving?

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Hungry at College?

You may not think this problem is happening at your college, but it is. Even at big-name schools, more and more students are going to bed hungry.

After struggling to pay rising tuition costs and living expenses, sometimes there's little money left for food. Some of these students are sleeping in their cars and plenty of them are dropping out of school. Very few of them qualify for food stamps.

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How Your Credit Can Cost You $100K...

Mack talked fondly about his work as an emergency room doctor. He lived in a beautiful house just two blocks from the ocean. He appeared to be successful in life at an early age.

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How to Build Strong Passwords

I'm Niels, FoolProof's VP of Techie Stuff. We've told you in other reports about creating passwords, but as the geek in FoolProof, I wanted to give you a smart way to build a really good password.

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How to Prevent Thousand-Dollar Money Mistakes

We've been looking at the ways young people waste the most money without knowing it&mash;at least a thousand dollars&mash;and guess what? There are tons of ways, which is pretty scary! Here's a look at the most common disaster spots for your wallet.

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The Secrets of Renting Your First Pad

Make a couple of simple mistakes when you rent or lease your first apartment, and you'll wreck more than your peace of mind. For starters, you possibly could be stuck with a lot of unnecessary bills and you could mess up your credit, too.

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Social Media Can Impact Your Credit Score!

Credit rules your life, just like social media does (for most people these days). Now, you should know that your social media life could be ruling (and perhaps ruining) your credit. Be careful, and avoid becoming the focus of the latest "peer pressure" mentality* in lending!

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Ready for College?

Good... But Is Your Spending Budget Ready?

Know a big reason students drop out of college? Money issues. That's why thinking about a college budget right now, before you hit the campus, is a very smart thing to do.

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New Student Loan Regulations

If you have a student loan, you probably have already heard that the rate on some student loans has doubled overnight, from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. Why? Congress couldn't agree on passing a bill to keep the rates at 3.4 percent.

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Things You're Better Off Buying Second Hand

Buying used is the smartest, easiest way to stretch your money while adding to your collection of necessities and goodies. Give it a try!

You know about websites such as Craigslist, eBay or, but think outside that proverbial box. What about buying from friends?

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The Crowdfunding Phenomena

What is crowdfunding? And what does it have to do with you? Perhaps nothing, or perhaps just not yet, but we think it's important enough for you to know about.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, crowdfunding is:

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Have You Taken The Gullibility Test?

"Easily duped or cheated" is one dictionary's definition of "gullible." I bet that is one phrase you don't want to be associated with, right?

Guess what? Data defining you as gullible may already be attached to you like glue. If it is, your gullibility definitely determines ...

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Safely Navigating Credit Card Land

Do you like your money?

If you do, "where" you get your credit card is one of the most important money decisions you will make in your life. Here's a little navigation help.

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The Big Burden: Student Loans

College should be the experience of a lifetime! Not to mention, the concept that a college education can increase your income potential for life. Excellent. But, if you have to borrow money to pay for college; you may be setting yourself up for decades of debt.

These tips will help you cut down your future college debt.

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Under 30? Ever Feel Stressed Over Money?

Can you relate to any of these realities?

You're short on cash... constantly. You frequently borrow money from people. You're worried about your future in the current economy. You owe too much on your credit card. You're thinking about moving back in with your parents.

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Your Credit Sore... Errr, Score!!

Your credit score rules your life in many ways. It can impact your job and possibly even your chance of being promoted. It determines what you pay in interest on virtually every purchase you finance. It may even determine what you pay for deposits (apartment, escrow, etc.) and insurance.

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There are millions of scams out there. They arrive by many avenues...the web, mail, phone, text messages and even in person. They rip you off, steal your money, hurt your credit and cause major irritation. And they are aimed at all of us...any age.

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Stressed? Manage Your Time!

Do you know the feeling of stress? Do you ever realize you're running out of time to study for that test! Do you worry how you will get all these things on your "to do" list done? Managing your time is important, no matter how boring it sounds. But the good thing about properly managing your time is that you'll have more time to focus on the fun things in life!

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Hacked Email Accounts

Last week I received an email from my sister. This happens a lot. I live abroad and my sister lives in Holland. Email is one of our main means of communication. She sends me pictures and updates on life all the time. But this time the email was different; she only sent me a link. Clicking on it sent me to a blank page… Random! Why did you send me this, sis?

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Where's the Closest ATM?

Where you bank right now isn't something you think about much, right? Checking your balance online, finding an ATM and hoping you have some bucks in your account is about the limit of your banking thoughts.

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Need a Roommate?

Whether you've already moved out or are planning your first move away from home, picking the right roommate is a big deal. That person will have an impact on both your pocketbook and your mental health.These tips can help make the experience a solid one!

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The Latest Phishing Scams Are Scary

Ever download an app? If you get a text message the next day saying, "There's a security problem with the app you downloaded," would you read it? Would you click the link in the text?

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Take This Bet! Or, Maybe Not...

Life is full of risk. We take chances all the time. It's a part of life! We gamble when we start our own business, or when we decide to walk to school or drive a car.

But get this: A lot of high school and college-age kids really gamble; online poker, 1-900 betting numbers and lotteries—you name it.

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Got Credit Card Debt?

So you got these cool credit cards! Lots of nice reward benefits and cool pictures of you and your friends on the front of the card! Life is pretty good. Free money all around...or so you think.

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Want to Turn Six Bucks Into a Million?

A little discipline and the magic of compound interest can turn 6 bucks a day into one million three hundred thousand dollars (that's $1,300,000!)—and get this; you only have to kick in $40,000 total to make that million three! It works like this.

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Didn't Make It to Your Dream Private University?

Jealous that your friends are heading off to that fancy out-of-state University? Forget it!

More and more research shows that even the brightest students get as good or possibly a better college experience in a two year (community) college or four-year state university ...

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FoolProof Tips for the College-Bound

Check out this "urban legend"!

Get off on the right foot when you hit campus this fall! Just follow our FoolProof tips to protect your pride and your pocketbook:

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Worried About Flesh Eating Bananas?

Check out this "urban legend"!

There's a rumor going around that there is a shipment of bananas out there that is contaminated with flesh-eating bacteria!

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Do You Know When To Change Your Passwords?

I'm sure you have seen recommendations to change your passwords frequently, especially if you use online banking, services like PayPal or eBay, or even a webmail service. Okay, you know it's the wise thing to do, but it is also a hassle!

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Car Buying Scam

Say you're in the market for a used car, and you do your research well. Clever as you are, you check not just eBay or Auto Trader, but also Yahoo! Autos, Craigslist and independent web-ads for cars with the features and price that fits your budget.

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Financial Apps for Your Smartphone

Think you've maxed out your Smartphone with all of the Facebook, Twitter and Pandora Radio apps? Instead of constantly reading your friend's Tweets or status updates, how about some apps to help you focus on your finances—and at least be able to pay for your phone's data package. Here are five to keep your checkbook in check.

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Gadget Hacking

Got a smartphone? An iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or even an Android? If so, be warned.

More and more users of smart gadgets are getting hacked while surfing the Web or using an app that connects to the Internet. Why?

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Doing A Basic Online Safety Review

Alright, you already know a lot about online safety when it comes to your personal and financial info on sites like Facebook. But right now is a perfect time to remind yourself why you have to be careful when you're online.

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Safe Surfing!

Ever notice that ads in your webmail or ads on websites that you've visited show items that are targeted towards your interests? Stuff you've recently been searching for on the web? Stuff you recently emailed back and forth about with friends?

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Smashing Down The Rules!

Gift cards were designed by companies to make money, not as a favor to consumers.

They can cost you or the recipient money. But do your homework, and a gift card can be a smart and flexible gift for anyone.

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Me? A Millionaire?

Get this: over 7 million people in the United States are millionaires.

I wondered what those people did when they were in high school and college that most of us don't do. What skills and habits did they have?

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Oddball Tips For Saving Money

Being smart about money is more important now—when you're young—than when you're older. Why? Smart habits learned now will stay with you, but more important, any money you stick in a savings plan at 20 has a lot more years to earn interest than money you stick in a savings plan at 40.

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Watch Out For The Sucker Punch!

A credit card is one of the most important—and potentially dangerous—financial tools you'll ever touch. And here's a fact: where you get that card is a huge decision.

New laws that have just gone into effect are supposed to protect people our age, but guess what: they don't.

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No-Brainer Tips: Safe Social Networking

By now, everybody (sort of) knows some of the negative aspects of social networking sites: your personal information is shared with many and privacy is pretty non-existent, if you haven't changed your privacy settings.

Has that stopped you or me from using sites such as Facebook®, MySpace™, Twitter™ and the like? Of course not.

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Learn About Money From People Who Failed

We all know millionaires know how to make money. I've always wanted to know why most people don't become millionaires or don't succeed when it comes to simply having enough money to lead a stress-free and independent life.

Here are five key lessons I've learned so far from those who fail becoming millionaires:

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Weird But True Budgeting Tips

Colleges and graduate schools can be backbreaking when it comes to money. Why not get creative with ways to save more money and lessen that backbreaking load?

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In Money Trouble?

Okay, this article is packed with ways to prioritize your spending and save money creatively. But what if you're reading this article too late? What if you're already in deep trouble when it comes to money?

And let me define "deep trouble"—you're so broke you're thinking about singing for change on a busy street. Being 30 days late on some payments, a shutdown phone, bounced checks, or lights being turned off in your pad also describe "deep trouble."

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Getting a Credit Card This Spring Or Summer?

Watch Out for These Tricks!

Been thinking about a new credit card? Think all credit cards are alike? If you think that, good luck. You're going to need it!

A lot of credit card companies will tell you that new regulations just put in place make it easy for you to get the right card—and make it harder for companies to push you to get a credit card when you shouldn't get one.

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Question: When you were younger, did you look forward to having more independence and freedom when you got older?

Second question: Now that you're older and on your own more, do you still like the idea of a lot of freedom?

Third Question: So how do you gain that independence?

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Wanna Make A Bet?

I'm betting you know what credit is: an arrangement for you to pay for something at a later date. "Okay, gimme the car today, and I'll pay you later."

But do you know what your credit score is? Okay, have you even heard of a credit score? More importantly, do you know how important that credit score is to the rest of your life?

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Burning Money!

Would you burn a hundred dollar bill right now? Do you know anyone that would?!

You may be burning that much money, or more, even if you follow our other tips for managing money on this website.

Here's how:
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Cell Phone Scams

We're cruising along in the car listening to music. My buddy gets a phone call:

“Last warning: your car insurance warranty is about to expire! Press "1" to talk to a representative," the voice says. Without thinking, my buddy presses “1" and looks lost while listening to what the person on the phone has got to say.

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Financial Crisis?

What is this financial and credit crisis everybody is talking about anyway?

Here's a definition from a long-term economic state characterized by unemployment and low prices and low levels of trade and investment.

This basically means that a lot of good people are losing their houses, cars and jobs. And to make it even worse… The majority of businesses are not hiring people.

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Identity Theft

And yet another article on identity theft… Boring! But is it?

Did you know young people are big targets?

What is ID Theft?

A scammer uses your name, personal information, and credit to steal products and services and leaves you with the bill.

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Pyramid Schemes; A Scam To Watch Out For

Get this scenario: you, a college student who has discovered the luxury of 10 Ramen Noodle cups for only a buck, are approached by a young man dressed-for-success at the local JCrew.

He begins by asking you questions like where you go to school, what you're studying and what do you want to do with your life. He then tells you a little bit about himself...

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Online Scams Target You!

Online scammers like people our age for two reasons: They know we love the Web, and they know we trust people.

The result? More young people are being ripped off online right now than ever.

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A Fund Raising Scam!

So, what would you do with this phone call?

You answer the phone, and there's this nice lady on the other end.

She says she works for Greenpeace and asks if you would like to make a donation to save the whales that are being killed in the Norwegian Sea.

Of course! You'll help them fight these animal abusers!

You decide to donate $100 to the good cause—your savings for four months.

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Credit Card Phishing!

Will You Be Lucky Enough to Get a Call Like This?

You're sitting around when you get a call from someone who says they are with your credit card company's fraud department. There's “suspicious" activity on your account.

Because you are very smart, you know scam artists make calls like this and start questioning the caller.

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Facebook & MySpace...


Social networking sites are great places to keep in contact with friends, develop relationships and meet new people in interesting places. Social networking sites are great places to keep in contact with friends, develop relationships and meet new people in interesting places.

But what are the dangers?

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Free Calls

Anytime... Anywhere!

Calling anywhere in the world for as cheap as 1.7 cents a minute? In my dreams?

In my dreams indeed. But apparently dreams do come true.

Did you know you could actually make a call to Liechtenstein for under $0.06 per minute? Where is Liechtenstein? Far away, but that's not the point. What you are about to read might change your life forever. It did mine, that's for sure.

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