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Information Specifically for Seniors

Seniors are a favorite target of scam artists and others who want to make a quick buck. For example, seniors are at risk of losing money in fraudulent investment schemes and are also at risk of losing their homes when they are used as security, in some instances unknowingly. These two articles from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) describe some of the pitfalls.

Identity theft is also a concern. Identity theft can be a stand-alone scam or part of other scams (such as some of the fraudulent investment schemes). These articles from the FTC describe ID theft and what you can do to prevent it, recover from it, and protect your personal information.

Here are other sites that provide information to help seniors become more informed.

  • FirstGov for Seniors provides links to government (federal, state, and local) and non-government sites in these areas: consumer protection; education, jobs, and volunteerism; federal and state agencies; health; laws and regulations; retirement and money; taxes; travel and leisure.
  • The Federal Trade Commission has prepared the Consumer Information Security site to help consumers understand computer security and ways to safeguard your personal information. There are numerous articles about how to stay secure online, e-commerce, spam, privacy, and ID theft.
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