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How Long Should You Keep Your Tax Records?

The IRS specifies the length of time that you need to keep your tax records though there are some records that you may need to keep longer. The IRS does not specify how you need to keep your records. Choose the method that works best for you whether it's digital, printed, or a combination of the two. Make sure that you backup any digital records.

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Do You Use Prepaid Cards? Then Read This.

On April 1, 2019 new rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) went into effect. These rules provide protection for prepaid cards, payroll cards, and government benefit cards. They also apply to funds in newer types of mobile or internet-based accounts.

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Gen Y with Will

Money-Saving Helpers!

A.K.A.: Sites that help you, and don't hype you.

Have you ever bought a lemon vehicle, had your ID stolen, or found it difficult to pay your bills? And then did you get in deeper trouble when you tried to fix any of these problems?

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From the Archives

How Tax Reform Impacts Your 2018 Federal Income Taxes

The Tax Cuts and Job Acts bill that was enacted in December 2017 will probably impact your 2018 Federal income tax return. The bill made sweeping changes to the tax laws changing tax rates, deductions, exemptions, and much more. Here are some highlights.

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Who's Fighting for You?

Learn right here about consumer groups that tackle consumer issues for you. Each month, we'll feature a different group.

This month's featured consumer group:

  • Rural Community Assistance Corporation (West Sacramento, CA)

    RCAC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting rural communities achieve their goals and visions by providing training, technical assistance and access to resources. Headquartered in West Sacramento, California, RCAC's more than 100 employees serve rural communities from 40 field locations in 13 western states, plus the Western Pacific.

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