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Google Adding More Choices for Managing Your Data

Google has begun rolling out two new choices for managing your data. You will now be able to choose to have your location history and web/app activity automatically deleted. You can choose to have it saved for 3 months or 18 months after which it will be deleted. You still have the option to manually delete this data.

To make these and other changes, go to your Google account and sign in. Look for activity controls under Data & Personalization or Privacy Checkup. Activity controls include web & app activity, location history, voice & audio activity, device information, YouTube search history and YouTube Watch history. Review each control to see what options are available. Each control can be turned off which pauses the collection of data.

You can manage other account information as well. Security settings include choosing how you sign in to Google, how Google can verify it's you, what devices are signed in, and what third-party apps have access to your account. Protect your personal information by choosing what others can see.

Manage your data by regularly checking your account to see what new options are available.

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