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2) Shopping

What About Shopping for a Home on the Internet?

You can begin your search without leaving the comfort of your current home. By reviewing listings online, you can decide which houses are worth visiting. Many listings have numerous pictures and some even have 360 degrees panoramic images.

Information Edge Tip: Using the Internet to build a list of homes to look at is smart, but don't purchase a home without actually checking it out in person. If you must make an offer before you can look at it, be sure that the offer contains a contingency that allows you to change your mind after you've seen the house.

Here are two national sites to get you started:

Information Edge Tip: These sites want you to use them not only for finding a home; they want to be your one-stop shop for a mortgage, insurance, moving, and anything else related to buying a home. Make sure you do your homework properly before using any of these services.

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