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Protecting Your Privacy, Your Identity, and Your Money

Protecting your privacy, your identity, and your money means educating yourself to take on a complex challenge. You might say that fighting for your privacy rights is like taking on an octopus with many arms (one issue, lots of manifestations).

The resources in this information sheet will help you stay informed about issues relating to your privacy and your identity and take steps to protect your personal and financial information.

Staying Informed and Making Yourself Heard

Take One Hour to Take Five Steps to Protect Your Privacy

Phishing and Pharming for your personal and financial information

Enhancing Your Computer Security and Online Privacy

Information Specifically for Seniors

Additional Privacy Reports

Opting Out for Peace and Security

This report looks at ways you can reduce the amount of junk mail and unsolicited offers in all forms that you receive.

Enhancing Your Online Privacy and Protecting Your Personal Information

This report looks at some tips and tools to help you enhance your online privacy and security.

Protect Your Personal Information When Going Wireless

This report looks at the dangers and the precautions you can take when using wireless networks.

Are You at Risk of Identity Theft?

This report shares the basics of what you need to know and provides links to other excellent resources.

Don’t Be Hooked by E-Mail “Phishing” Scams

This report gives you pointers on how to avoid phishing scams.

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