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FoolProof is all about consumer advocacy.

The FoolProof Program is a highly interactive web-driven group of online lessons called "modules." The modules feature music, videos, dozens of young people, and—most importantly—the truth about the extraordinary importance of understanding money.

Using credit unions as the web hosts, FoolProof offers consumers multiple financial literacy and consumer education programs.

Please see the navigation on the left to find out which FoolProof programs are available to you through Marion Community CU.

  • The programs are available to all consumers, whether they are credit union members or not.
  • FoolProof uses highly interactive online "modules" and dynamic websites to show you the extraordinary importance of understanding money.
  • Separate programs are designed for use by high schools and community groups, parents, college-age students, young adults and adults.
  • We are consumer advocates. FoolProof's job is to provide straightforward, no-nonsense information. We don't do infomercial.
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