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Should Gas Prices Influence Your Next Vehicle Purchase?

Before you sign for that bigger set of wheels, however, think about—and compare—several other costs of owning a car. You could save hundreds at the pump in the short term and spend thousands more long-term.

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What Do You Need to Know About Health Care Data Breaches?

Data breaches involving health care providers (labs, doctor offices, hospitals, clinics) and health insurance companies have been on the increase.

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Gen Y with Will

The Ring

The bling... The universally approved signal that he "liked it " so he "put a ring on it".

The most frequently asked question after announcing my engagement was, "Let me see the ring".

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How to Review Your Credit Report

Whether you monitor your credit report yourself or subscribe to a credit monitoring service that alerts you to changes or suspicious activity, you must still know how to read your credit report, interpret the information in it, and take steps to correct errors. Only you can do these things. This report shows you how.

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From the Archives:

The Big Burden: Student Loans

If you have to borrow money to pay for college; you may be setting yourself up for decades of debt. And having problems paying back that debt could make decades of your life unpleasant. Check out these realities.

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Who's Fighting For You?

Learn right here about consumer groups that tackle consumer issues for you. Each month, we'll feature a different group.

This month's featured consumer group:


    Working Assets is a mobile, credit card and long distance company that turns everyday activities into progressive acts. We raise money for nonprofits when customers use our services — over $65 million to date. We also raise our voices through calls, letters, e-mails and text messages on key political issues of the day.

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