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Protecting Your Money From 2013's Most Common Consumer Complaints

The best defense against problems and fraud in all consumer transactions is first to educate yourself about the subject or field and then to take your time researching options and making decisions. Information Edge provides many resources on many topics to help you get started.

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What Do You Need to Know About Data Breaches?

Did you know that there have been over 200 reports of data breaches so far in 2014? Yet most of these did not make the headlines. The number of records affected in each of these breaches vary from a few hundred to the approximately 56 million reported by Home Depot.

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Gen Y with Will

How to Keep That Vacation Feeling Forever!

Yes! Finally! After months of deadlines and a long list of tasks, stress and maybe even some sleepless nights, your vacation finally starts and you're FREE! You have activated your automatic Out Of Office reply and, during your vacation, you are going to do absolutely nothing work- or school-related, and focus on renewing yourself with loads of positive energy.

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Home Owners Guide

Home Maintenance Tips

Smart homeowners know that maintaining their home in good shape protects their investment and enhances the enjoyment of their home. How do you know what to do when?

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Car Buying Guide

Secrets No Leasing Company Will To Tell You!

If you’re in the market for a vehicle, someone is going to try to switch you to leasing. If you’ve been to a dealership lately, or visited an automotive website, you already know that..

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Who's Fighting For You?

Learn right here about consumer groups that tackle consumer issues for you. Each month, we'll feature a different group.

This month's featured consumer group:

  • Consumer Association Council

    The American Consumer Council's (ACC) mission is to educate and guide American consumers in the purchase of safe, reliable products and services, and to serve as a voice for consumer advocacy and economic wellness in the United States. In 2009, ACC surpassed 86,000 members in North America.

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